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Auto Body Repair Services

When your vehicle sustains external damage, it is critical for you to choose a reliable Reseda Auto Body Shop. The early repair of auto body damage will prevent escalation of the associated operational and aesthetic problems. In addition, you can avoid the higher costs that are often incurred when vehicles are not repaired immediately. Here is a description of the main services that you can get from a quality auto body shop Reseda like Center Valley Automotive.

Body Restoration

The body of your vehicle will be damaged whether you are involved in a major or minor road accident. In most cases, the sheet metal that makes up the external auto structure will be distorted and might even get torn. This will reduce the aesthetics and the general value of your vehicle. Moreover, the sheet metal can become vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. The auto body shop will eliminate the dents and repair the tears. Dent removal can be performed through paint-less dent repair if the problem is localized. Alternatively, different panel beating techniques and machines like dollies can be used to straighten up the surfaces. Torn panels can either be replaced or welded to restore structural integrity.

Frame Repair

When your vehicle experiences significant mechanical impact, the damage will extend to the inner frame. The vehicle’s original functionality cannot be restored unless these frames are repaired and restored to their original position. The technicians in the auto body shop (Reseda) will examine the truck or car. If this structure is damaged, they will use a special machine that utilities torque and hydraulics to straighten the frames. Additionally, the vehicle will be examined using computerized measuring system to ascertain that the frame is back to the original factory specifications.

Paint Repair

If the paint work on your vehicle has been destroyed or distorted, you should engage a professional for the repairs. Delays in the restoration will often cause deterioration of the exposed metal parts. After all, the paint work is not only decorative; it serves to protect the metal material underneath from the harsh climatic elements. Generally, you can perform minor paint repairs at home. However, if you are not experienced, the results might not be ideal for long-term performance. Therefore, it might be more economical to choose expert assistance from the get-go.

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is an important service from professional auto body shops like Center Valley Automotive. This process is useful as part of periodic maintenance or even after repair of the vehicle after an accident. Basically, this type of restoration involves thorough cleaning of the vehicle, both inside and outside. In addition, the body paint will be polished and buffed to create a flawless look. Generally, when all these tasks are completed, your car will be subjected to a thorough inspection. This is a quality control process that is designed to ensure that your car or vehicle is back to the original pre-accident condition.


When you are involved in an accident, you are likely to require towing services. In general, you can engage a standard towing company to move your vehicle to a repair shop or another location. However, you will get the best deal in terms of convenience by calling the auto body shop (Reseda) for this assistance. This will be safer and more expedient since you will be dealing primarily with one company. Reliable repair shops have high quality equipment including flatbed trucks to handle the damaged vehicles. Moreover, the contractors for the towing services are bonded and insured for your security.

Estimates and Warranty

Estimate of the cost of the repair work is an important service that you will require prior to repair. In simple terms, it is not prudent to commission the restoration tasks before knowing the potential financial repercussions. The auto repair shop will examine the type of damage that has been incurred, and the written details can be presented to your insurance carrier for approval. Additionally, you will get a written legal warranty on the repairs performed in the body shop. The agreement will remain active during your ownership or lease contract.

Finally, Center Valley Automotive will provide you with good customer service and ensure that all your concerns are addressed. You can also check on the progress of your vehicle repairs free of charge at any time.

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