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Frame and Unibody constructed vehicles require specific equipment to properly identify structural misalignment. Center Valley Automotive is equipped with all of the necessary structural frame equipment and computerized measuring system to start auto frame repair shop reseda. Once we gain access to the damaged area of the vehicle, it is often necessary to measure the frame and/or unibody to quantify the structural integrity and misaligned area. Center Valley Automotive is equipped with the Car-O-Liner frame bench and computerized measuring system, Celette Jig system and several frame repair machines to measure and restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. With the proper equipment and training, our collision industry trained technicians measure and restore your vehicle to within Factory Specifications.

You may think that if the frame of your vehicle is damaged, it may be a total loss. With today’s modern auto frame repair, the frame of your vehicle can be safely repaired. Center Valley Automotive, located in Reseda, is equipped to handle your   auto body repair shop needs. Something as simple as hitting a pothole at high speeds can damage your frame. Most of today’s vehicles are constructed with a unibody frame which means the vehicle is an integrated system, unlike the old days when the vehicle was attached to a ladder type frame unit. This is why frame repair is better left to the repair shop professionals who have the right equipment and skills to perform auto frame repair safely and efficiently.

How Frame Damage Affects Your Vehicle

There are several signs your vehicle may have suffered frame damage. A bad accident is an obvious cause but uneven tire wear, vibration, uneven wheel alignment and leaning to one side can also be symptoms of frame damage. The safety and performance of your vehicle is greatly affected by frame damage. Your ability to control your vehicle as well as increased wear and tear are all factors to be considered. If the frame of your vehicle is damaged the signs and symptoms will only worsen with time.

Auto Frame Repair Process

As mentioned before, many cars, SUV’s and small trucks have a unibody construction. Larger trucks and commercial vehicles are still built with a separate frame systems and it takes a qualified shop to know how to fix both types of frame construction. The technician does more than just a quick overview to assess the damage; they must have a thorough knowledge of each type of frame and the signs of damage to look for.

This type of repair must be completed only by technicians who are trained. These technicians adhere to standards that are extremely rigorous as they know that the frame is important for the safety of the vehicle, its passengers, the driver as well as for anyone on the road around them.

In general, there are two ways to repair the frame of a vehicle. The professionals at Center Valley Automotive utilize:


There are times when the damage to the frame is too severe for straightening to work. In cases such as this, the technician might recommend that the bent sections of the frame are removed and new ones welded in. When this process is done precisely, the welded points actually work to provide the same amount of structural integrity that the frame had before the collision.


Straightening the frame is basically where the metal is adjusted back to its original shape. Computerized measuring systems are utilized to find the proper alignment with accuracy and precision. When this process is completed correctly, the frame of a vehicle can be restored to the condition it was in prior to the collision.

Knowing that the frame is what essentially holds the vehicle together and protects the occupants, it should be easy to understand that repairing it means more than simply putting it back to the original shape. You must also restore its structural integrity so that it will be able to absorb the forces from any future impacts just as it would if it had never been damaged.

No matter if you need Frame Repair for a vehicle, truck or van, it is important to check out the services that are offered at Center Valley Automotive.

In conclusion, don’t take chances with your vehicle’s safety. Leave this job to the professionals.

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Center Valley Automotive has earned Preferred and Approved Body Shop Repair Status from several major insurance carriers. This will assist in expediting your claim and repair process by creating a direct line of communication between the insurance company handling your claim and the CVA staff assigned to your repairs. Because we are connected to these carriers electronically, in most cases only a claim number is needed for us to retrieve the repair approval, upload estimate/photos and begin repairs immediately.

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