3 things that happen when your car frame gets straightened

After an accident, especially a bad one, it’s likely that the frame on your car has been bent. It’s expensive to get repaired but is not optional when discussing repairs after an accident. After all, all of your cars are Car frame straightenattached to the frame and the frame is, in essence, the bones. If your leg healed bent you wouldn’t be comfortable walking on it. The same goes for your car.


What exactly are they doing to straighten your car frame? After all, it’s a huge chunk of metal and the only way it got bent in the first place was a collision. Here’s what the process that an auto body shop will do in order to straighten your car’s frame.

Asses the damage

Just as you wouldn’t want your doctor to do surgery on your bones without an x-ray you don’t want your mechanic straightening the frame of your car without a proper assessment. They’ll give the car a once over and maybe even get it up on a lift before deciding what to do from there. Occasionally you do get out of wreck without any frame damage. Unfortunately for the vehicle, this is less common with modern vehicles due to safety standards. When it is bent the auto body shop have to straighten it.

Straighten the frame

This is the hard part. They set your car up on a lift like a device designed to specifically straighten frames. The tool is highly specialized. On the lift, they will proceed to attach the car to the lift so that it doesn’t move during the process.

The chains will be attached to the frame, one on each corner where it needs to be straightened. Those chains are then attached to the sturdy post that can be moved independently of the rest of the system.

Finally, the whole system starts to slowly bend the frame back into shape. It might not be perfect or as strong as it was but it will be returned to factory standard. The frame will no longer be bent. They take the car off the machine and start putting it back together.


Finally, you want to test drive the car as you would after any repair. Just to make sure the repairs did what they were supposed to do and they aren’t giving you a broken car. Then it goes back to you, all fixed up and ready to drive.


Bent frames happen a lot, especially with modern vehicles. If you’ve had an accident it’s likely that you have some damage to the frame. Just a fact of life. So before you go back on the road be sure to ask your mechanic about possible damage to the frame. The cost can vary but should be generally consistent from mechanic to mechanic. So if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Contact your auto body shop today.


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