How to Fix A Large Dent in A Car Door?

Having a large dent in your car door is an obvious frustration, isn’t it? In fact, no car owner would like to A large Dent in a car Doordrive a car with a dented door. So, just like any other car owner would do, are you planning to go to an auto collision repair shop in Reseda to get your car door repaired? That’s fine. However, if you want to try fixing the dent by yourself, here’s a couple of methods you may try.

Please, not that you cannot fix every dent at home. But fixing dents as a DIY task will save you some money. The methods we mention in this article don’t need you to buy expensive stuff at all.

  • Method 01

Our first method is more suitable to fix dents that are large in size. Also, this method works best if there is no crease in the middle of the dent. More importantly, this method doesn’t make the dent worse. In certain cases, this method may not work perfectly.

To put this method into practice, you should have one main tool; a plunger. We believe that it is not that hard for you to find a plunger. You can either buy a new one or get an old plunger cleaned. All you need to do is to place the plunger on where the dent is and pump it. The plunger will then create a suction on the dent. When you can notice that there is enough suction, you can firmly pull the plunger. If you are lucky enough, this method can prevent you from visiting an auto collision repair shop in Reseda. Please note that this method is best applicable on sizable dents. When it comes to smaller dents, you may try Method 02 which is mentioned below.

  • Method 02

If you can access the dent from behind, you can try to make it popped out with a mallet. In this case, the best tool would be a rubber mallet. A rubber mallet will not leave any hammer marks but it is strong and firm enough to reshape the dent.

The best results can be expected if you can use mallets to match the size of the dents. That means, for smaller dents, you need to use a small mallet. For larger dents, you need to use larger mallets. Otherwise, you are likely to make additional creases or dent marks on the door. Be sure that you approach the dent from the back and hit right at the center. Crete enough force to pop the dent out but don’t overdo it.

Although both of the above methods may help you in repairing your car, it is always wiser to take your car to an auto body shop. At a reputed auto body shop, you can get the assistance of a professional to repair your car. Such professional assistance will help you to get back your car in its original shape. Also, taking your car to an auto body shop will reduce the risks of bearing additional costs (the damages you may cause by trying to repair by your own).

Conclusively, the best option would be to take your car to a reputed auto collision repair shop in Reseda. If you are not too sure of what you are about to do (in terms of fixing the dent by yourself), doesn’t it. Approaching the dent using the wrong tool or wrong manner would make it only worse and the damage would be costlier.


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How to Fix A Large Dent in A Car Door?