How to Prevent and Repair Car Paint Oxidation

If you are a car owner, you already know the importance of the outer appearance of your car. In fact, the paint of the vehicle plays a vital role when it comes to deciding the overall value of the car. So, it is mandatory for any car owner to maintain the optimal quality of the paint. Your car paint can be ruined due to various reasons. One of the main enemies of our car’s paint is oxidation. With this article, let’s see how to prevent and repair car paint oxidation.

What expert auto paint shop Reseda tells us about preventing car paint oxidation

Preventing car paint oxidation

As you might have heard, prevention is better than cure. As a car owner, therefore, you should know howCar paint to prevent car oxidation. The most effective way to prevent car paint oxidation is to ensure that regular care is continued no matter what. This process includes processes like waxing the car on regular basis (once a month at the least). In fact, when a wax layer is applied on the car, it can prevent oxidation. In addition to that, you should keep your car inside a garage whenever it is possible. It is even better if you can have the can under a car cover too. These basic methods will help to fight against oxidation.

How to repair car paint oxidation

Even with the above-mentioned precautionary methods, your car paint can get oxidized at some time. If you leave the car unattended for a long time, the condition of the paint can get worse. However, here is some important information you should consider in order to remove car pain oxidation. The good news is that if you have any experience in waxing or polishing a car body, you can get rid of oxidization easier than you think.

If you don’t have polished or waxed your car for a while, do it now before the oxidization develops into a really worse case. In order to get rid of the oxidization, you should use a special solution that is dedicated to removing oxidization. If the oxidization is pretty light, you can use the formula available in car polishing compounds. However, if the case is worse, you will have to use a rubbing compound in order to remove it. Make sure that you park the car in a garage (where you get a temperature around 700 F.

Be sure that you wash the car very well in order to remove all the dust off the body. Then, you will have to leave the car to dry completely. After that, you will have to apply the special oxidation removal product. But make sure that you apply the solution on a small area and finish it. Then, remove the compound using a clean piece of cloth. You should continue this process until you get your car in a nice and shining appearance.

Then, as the final step, apply a coating of wax as a precautionary method. Don’t forget to clean the headlights of the car using a cleaning compound so they will match the appearance of the body. If the condition is worse than you think, you should take your car to an auto paint shop Reseda. Specifically, an auto paint shop Reseda like Center Valley Automotive is a well-reputed place for all those auto body paint jobs.


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