Is a car totaled if the airbags go off?

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A lot of people ask the question “Is my car totaled” after a severe accident. Having liability coverage on your vehicle and getting into an accident that “totals” your vehicle is unfortunate because your insurance will not cover any of the expense since liability insurance only covers unfortunate and unforeseen damages or in case the car gets stolen.

If you have a comprehensive insurance coverage, you’ll have to part with your car forever, or at least for the time, it’ll be in the repair shop.

You’d actually be amazed by the Auto Collision Repair by the  services offer; even higher-grade collision damage can be repaired a lot of the time, with quality art replacements, professional finishing and it can make your car new again.

However, if there is severe damage, you may be better off not repairing the vehicle and taking the total loss settlement from your insurance, considering it’s covered by your insurance policy.

Is the car totaled if the airbags go off?

A lot of people consider that the car is totaled if the airbags go off. This is not always true, but there is a good reason why people believe this.

A large percentage of cars had been totaled after the airbags deployed, this is because, for older cars, people get physical damage coverage, where the car’s value is highly depreciated.

An airbag costs $1,000 to replace, and on older models, the cost of replacing the airbags as well as the damage of the car itself, the car is often totaled.

For newer car models such as a Cadillac Escalate, where the value of the car is relatively high, deployed airbags combined with the vehicle damage may still be worth fixing.

State requirements and Totaled Cars

A car might be taken into consideration “Totaled” if the value to repair it exceeds the “Bluebook” value of the identical car. It is not positive if that takes into account mileage.

If the repair cost exceeds the Blue book cost, you may be paid that fee as opposed to the insurance enterprise paying the better sum to repair it.

There are different total requirements by State – most states consider a car to be totaled if the repair cost/damage to the vehicle exceeds 70 to 75% of the vehicle’s value.

Florida, on the other hand, considers 80% of the damage before the vehicle heads to the junkyard. Claim adjusters use specialized methods for checking the car’s damage and determining the cost of damage versus cash value.

The fee of changing the airbags in a vehicle may very well be extra than the cost of the auto that was in a coincidence, hence it’s miles considered “Totaled” and written off as opposed to replacing the airbags

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