On an average, 5,808,272 car accidents happen annually and 15,913 accidents occur daily in the U.S. if we analyze the data provided in NHTSA’s annual Motor Vehicle Crash Overview, from 2005 until 2015. These accidents include both major and minor ones, which means that there is a high demand for car repair shops and mechanics in the U.S., whether for a collision repair, dents, damaged fender, or damaged bumper.

However, finding the right auto body repair shop for your car is a herculean task; not only because auto body repair is a complicated process that requires a certain level of expertise, but also because many auto body repair specialist may take advantage of the customers lack knowledge. They exploit the customers’ needs to get their vehicle fixed by taking longer or leaving minor issues in the car, so the customers have to come back and pay the repair fees again. Thus, finding a good auto body repair shop in Reseda, CA proves to be difficult, yet a necessary task.

You must be wondering how you can find yourself a good auto body repair shop without having to try out multiple options, which would not only cost you a lot, but amateurs might also ruin your car. If so, then make sure that you keep the following tips in mind while searching for a good auto body repair shop in Reseda, CA after an unfortunate accident.

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Get a recommendation:

Ask your friends and family to refer a good auto body repair shop. The best option is to go for the suggestion of someone who has already gotten their car repaired from the person they are referring. Instead of someone whose friend or relative fixes cars. Also, you can check online reviews and gather recommendations from other members of the community, instead of just settling for one person’s referral.

Consult your insurance company:

Another thing you can do to find an expert auto body repair shop in Reseda, CA is visiting your insurance company’s website or get in touch with them to get your hands on their list of preferred vendors. This list is bound to give you some recommendations of repair shops. Another benefit of this is that it will make it easier for you to get the insurance company to pay for the damages. Nevertheless, it is not necessary that you only opt for the vendors preferred by the insurance company to get your claim resolved; according to the law of many states, you have the right to have your auto body repairs completed at the shop of your choice.

Weigh the options:

Get estimates from different auto body repair shops before making your choice. Remember that the area the shop is located in has a significant impact on the rates. However, this does not necessarily reflect on the quality of work and level of expertise. Therefore, it is a good idea to get multiple quotes before choosing a particular repair shop, mainly if your insurance company does not cover all the damages.

Check the documentation:

Check the auto repair shop’s credentials to see if they are certified. Furthermore, you can have a look at their certificates and other documents that verify whether the workers have the expertise, experience, and training to properly repair your prized possession.

Manufacturer Recommended:

You may also check with the manufacturer of your vehicle to see whom they recommend for the repairs to your car.

Final Thought

Take these tips into consideration to find the right repair shop for your car, and if you have any doubts about this that needs to be cleared up, or if you want a trusted auto body repair shop for your car then call us or visit our website.


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